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UK Freeplay wind up Table Lantern wind up outside light

UK Freeplay wind up Table Lantern wind up outside light
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Price: 30.78
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Styled with camping in mind, the Freeplay Table Lantern has a "flip out" winder which energises the generator to power the bulbs directly, or store energy in the rechargable battery that accepts multiple windings for extended continuous use. A second light gives it spot power.

We use our wind up table lanterns for garden parties or dinner parties outside on the decking.

Delivery is next day guaranteed, mail order today and you will receive it tomorrow. These wind up lantern is not a cheap product, but these are the cheapest eco friendly prices in the UK.

Our Wind Up products are excellent environmentally friendly gifts.

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UK Freeplay wind up Table Lantern wind up outside light

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With the amount of pollution in the world today, if we want to see tomorrow, we HAVE to cut down our carbon footprints and go a little greener.


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