2019 Promotional Calendar Supplier, UK Printed Personalised Calendars & Company Gifts

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2019 Promotional Calendar Supplier, UK Printed Personalised Calendars & Company Gifts

Promotional & Personalised Calendars at Calendar Lady Promotions

2019 Promotional Calendar Supplier, UK Printed Personalised Calendars & Company Gifts


Protective FaceMasks - for help with tackling Coronavirus Covid 19

At Calendar Lady Promotions we have a great relationship with UK manufacturers and importers of goods. These factories have quickly diversified from supplying logo branded Corporate gifts. They are supplying us with a massive range of PPE - Personal Protective Equipment.
Such as Face Masks, Hand Sanitiser Gel, Antibacterial Wipes, Alcohol Wipes, Face Shields, Gowns, Latex Disposable Gloves, Bacterial Sprays, Thermometers, Wall Gel Dispensers, Forehead Thermometers, Shoe Covers, Aprons, Ear Guards, Safety Goggles, Hygiene Hand Keyrings and Screen Protectors.

Our Products are CE Approved and our Face Masks Comply with CE EN149

Coronavirus Covid 19 Personal Protective Equipment PPE OUR FULL RANGE IS HERE

Welcome to Calendar Lady Promotions Corporate Gift Department. We are the biggest independent supplier of promotional calendars in the UK.
For 2020 we are on track to ship around a million calendars all over the world and we don't just stock Calendars, but we also have a huge range of Promotional Business Gifts such as Stationery, Pens, Diaries, Keyrings, Clothing and much, much more.

We will ALWAYS make contact with you by phone to confirm your enquiry details and ALL orders receive a free proof of the design. These are not cheap products, but we have the cheapest and best prices online in the UK.

Boost the Credibility of your Company's Message

It's true, Studies have found that Corporate Gifts actually boosted the credibility of a companys message and that the advertising invoked a far more positive message that the advertising itself.

Research analysed the UK and Ireland Promotional Merchandise marketplace and found it grew by 4% during 2019. Then in the calendar year it rose to the 1.25 Billion mark !
Now taking orders in 2020 for 2021 Calendars and Corporate Diaries 2021.
The 'repeat business' game is easy. Just give your customers something like Promotional Power Banks and it will keep reminding them of YOU!

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