2022 Calendar Sales UP by 27.5% !!!!!

2022 Calendar Sales UP by 27.5% !!!!!Interesting BBC news article about 2013 retail calendars on the link below

Click here to view BBC News - 2013 Calendar Sales UP

There are so many modern ways to access a calendar electronically, its amazing to see calendar sales up !
One article I read claimed that 2013 retail calendar sales are up by 27.5% !!!

Cliff Richard has the highest sales over the last 10 years and his 2013 Calendar is again selling well.
X-Factor stars 'One Direction' currently have the fastest selling Calendar, with Pop Star 'Olly Murs' and Graffiti Artist 'Banksy' battling it out for top spot.

Maybe one day paper calendars will be replaced by portable electronic devices as more and more people schedule things on their PC, I-Pad, Phones etc
Or maybe not......!

Who wants to see their idol, hero or loved one in 72 dots per inch on a small screen, when you can view them at around 1,000 dpi on glossy oversized A3 ?

When the digital photo frame first came out, I thought it would replace the standard photo frame.
Now shops can't give them away !!!!

Anyway, heres the Top 20 Best Selling Calendars for 2013

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