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Advertising LanyardsAdvertising Lanyards make an absolutely brilliant low cost promotional advertising product that can be used in corporate, sports and charity events and festivals. These Advertising lanyards are also very much ideal for on-site work to hold security cards, ID badges, phones, whistles or keys. Personalised and customisable to expose your company brandname or logo - you can choose from many styles and colours to catch your customers memory retention.
Why not post these to your customers as budget mail shots, or hand them out at trade shows or conventions??
You could even fit a usb flash drive and use it to back up data and take with you.
Small, durable and ultimately professional with a sleek clean print finish, a promotional lanyard makes an ideal business gift or freebie.
Here at Calendar Lady Promotions we pride ourselves of trying to send you lifeline throughout these times of high competition.
The most cost efficient is called screen printing where the ink is printed on the surface of the material in a similar process to t-shirt printing. The ink appears to be slightly raised on the surface. Four different widths are available 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm. We can colour match to the anything matching system and print up to 4 solid colours on one or both sides of the fabric.

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