2022 - Advertising with a Promotional Calendar

Getting the Customer to See Your Advert on a Daily Basis

Getting the Customer to See Your Advert on a Daily Basis

Promotional Calendars for 2022

So you've decided that a calendar is a good idea and you wish to advertise big and bold. But calendars offer much more and the reasons why they are so powerful are because;
  • 365 Day Avdertising
  • Rarely Discarded or Thrown Away
  • Large Visible Print Area

Handing a batch of promotional calendars is a seriously good idea because of the choices and the wuality of the calendars themselves. They ooze quality and superiority compared to most printed advertising tools on the market today, and we've been shipping calendars out to customers for the last 15 years and never seen the demand decline in any way at all. Regardless of the technological era we live in, a good old fashioned print calendar does it. Staff ROTAS, holidays and birthdays are regularly scheduled on our calendars and that is why it's used and not discarded. Due to the high "conversion", we regard advertising calendars as a pretty much, risk-free approach to getting your brand-name out there and in good visibility for people to recognise.

Print Is The Way Forward

It is all about print now. Online advertising has had it's day so it's a wise choice to pick a desktop or a full-size wall calendar and really make a good impression on prospective customers with Promotional Calendars for 2022
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