Novelty Logo Branded Advertising Tangles From Calendar Lady

Advertising Tangles

Advertising TanglesDon't get yourself in a tangle with advertising! Our logo branded Advertising Tangles are a really easy way to advertise yourself and your company with little effort.
Personalised with a choice or translucent, mirrored or coloured pieces, why not customise a tangle with your Company's logo branding before handing them out?
These effective stress relieving items are impossible to resist when placed on your customer's desk. The Advertising Tangles twist and turn in all sorts of directions and invariably they get picked up when holding on the phone or spending a few moments thinking, through out the working day. Whilst in the recipient's hands, they are constantly displaying your company details. So why not give us a call and ask us to brand your details onto our Advertising Tangles, then when you receive them, all you need to do is give them out to lots of people and get your name circulating. These Advertising Tangles will never be just put away and forgotten like other items, as they are a novel and additive toy for all ages. You can choose a colour that matches your company logo and then just decide what you want printed onto them. So for a guaranteed, easy way to advertise just call us for details.

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