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Hand out a business gift that's sure to grab attention to your Business' brand. Promotional Mugs actually become a favourite in the home and office and with a good colour coordination it's not hard to see why.
Corporate gifts such as a mug can last for absolutely years as they are practically bomb proof. We've got one in the office that was handed to us over ten years ago!

Pick the style of mug that works with your branding, bear in mind you can actually customise the colour scheme to your Company Branding, so you can't go far wrong when it comes to corporate identity.


Branded Mugs

Guaranteed for Brand-name Exposure

So why are Promotional Mugs so effective so get your brand-name out there? because they are so reliable. Since Tea and Coffee is the top drink of choice in practically every office and workplace imaginable, you can't be missed when it comes to getting your Company Branding out there for all to see.
They're practically bomb-proof and the logo won't rub off, they're dishwasher safe and will probably outlast most companies themselves.
The key to Business.. all about good exposure. Order a batch of fabulous mugs with your Company Branding and hand them out at trade shows, conventions, business clubs and even directly to your customer and you can always ensure on your customer loyalty and even increase more sales leads.
Just imagine it as your very own little silent salesman!

Personalised Sweets

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