Christmas Gift Product Review

Christmas Gift Product ReviewHere is a useful review of the most popular Corporate Gifts that Businesses in the UK hand out at Christmas. Think carefully about this and check out the ‘Christmas Bauble’ Rating of 0 – 5.

Christmas Gift Product Review


Price vs Longevity - A good hamper packed with goodies, costs around £25 and will keep their taste buds thinking of you for around a month (83p per day to keep your name on the tip of their tongue !) 1 Bauble.
Brand Exposure - No designated area for Branding, so best to put on a sticker and a card at the bottom of the basket. 0 Baubles
Well Received? - Just like a partner, you can get to a customer’s heart through their stomach. Food can't fail. 5 Baubles.
Usefulness - More luxury than useful. Often comes in a handy wicker basket though. 2 Baubles
Postage - Be afraid, be very afraid....this product is heavy. Best to pick a few most valuable, local customers and deliver in person. 0 Bauble
Overall score 8 out of 25 Baubles.

Christmas Gift Product Review


Price vs Longevity - It’s a Christmas present, so we're not talking about the 20p exhibition giveaway Pens. A decent engraved Pen in a presentation box will set you back around £4. They do get lost, run out of ink and get replaced. But it is very personal, so they may keep it for 6 months. (2p per day) 4 Bauble rating
Brand Exposure - Very small advertising area on pens, so it will only be seen by the recipient. Pens do move around though, so your gift may have a few different owners. 1 Bauble
Well Received? - Writing instruments in 1 form or another date back to 3000 BC, so not likely to go out of fashion in a hurry. 4 Baubles
Usefulness - Used by everyone, every day, so no it’s no wonder that Pens grab a massive 30% of the entire promotional gift market on their own ! Very useful. 5 Baubles
Postage - Light, small, even with presentation box are relatively easy to post. 4 Baubles
Overall score 18 out of 25 Baubles.

Christmas Gift Product Review

Promotional Calendars

Price vs Longevity - Lasts the entire year, cost around £5 each (1.3p per day). 5 Baubles.
Brand Exposure - Fantastic way of showing off your logo to your customer and their visitors. The best way to get on your customers wall or desk. 5 Baubles.
Well Received? - Not the most exciting gift, a bit old fashioned but with a 85% use rate, the Calendar is up there with the best. 3 Baubles.
Usefulness - With 3 month to view at all times, it’s used every day of the year, people mark appointments, plan holidays and can view dates whilst on the phone. Used daily 5 Baubles.
Postage - Desk Calendars and A4 Wall Calendars are around 70p to post 2nd class. Be careful about larger calendars as they come under the 'Packet' category, (which is a clue to what you will pay) it can be over £2.50. Best handed out by staff or sent with other items. 3 Baubles.
Overall score 21 out of 25 Baubles.

Christmas Gift Product Review

Branded Diaries

Price vs Longevity - Lasts the entire year, cost around £5 each (1.3p per day). 5 Baubles.
Brand Exposure - Diaries are branded on the front. Desk Diaries are usually left open, so your Logo is out of sight. I think we can all work out where Pocket Diaries spend most of their lives, again Logo is not seen. 1 Bauble.
Well Received? - An old fashioned gift in this world of iPhones, iPads and Diaries available on you Outlook email program. But many people use all of these and still need a Diary. 79% use rate. 3 Baubles.
Usefulness - A very handy gift containing dates with space to write next to each, all public holidays and other special pages. World maps, capital cities, star sign dates, summer/winter clock changes, moon phases, future years and London underground map. An often under rated gift. 5 Baubles.
PostagePocket Diaries cheap and easy to post, Desk ones cost a bit more. 4 Baubles.
Overall score 18 out of 25 Baubles.

Christmas Gift Product Review

Christmas Cards

Price vs Longevity - A batch of 100 Personalised Cards cost about 1.50 each. Opened amongst the Christmas post and put on the window sill for a week before the Christmas shut down. Then in the New Year, they're binned quicker that you can say "Pass the Paracetamol". Short life span. 2 Baubles.
Brand Exposure - You can print your company logo in the middle, but much better to pay extra for printing on the front. Good exposure but only for a short time. 1 Bauble
Well Received? – Have been handed out over hundreds of years, very personal, one of the few gifts that you can actually sign. 2 Bauble
Usefulness – Office decoration is the only use other than a few pence to charity. 1 Baubles
Postage - Perfect for posting ! 5 Baubles
Overall score 11 out of 25 Baubles.

Christmas Gift Product Review

Bottles of Wine

Price vs Longevity - A decent bottle of plonk will set you back around £8 and only last 2 days if you're lucky (£4 a day) Ouch! 0 Baubles
Brand Exposure - You can splash out and get your logo printed on the label, but as your customer will take it home, no one will see it for those valuable 2 days. 0 Baubles
Well Received? - I have never heard of a Bottle of Wine getting turned down, your smiling customer will thank you greatly, as they stash it in the bottom of the brief case. 100% use rate. 5 Baubles.
Usefulness - Serves a purpose I suppose....1 Bauble
Postage - Difficult to post, best handed out in person. 1 Bauble.
Overall score 7 out of 25 Baubles.

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