Company Branded Keramikos Flow Mugs

Go with the Flow with Our Keramikos Flow Mugs...

Go with the Flow with Our Keramikos Flow Mugs.....and see a massive difference in your profits. It's really simple. Brand a batch with your Company Logo Branding and hand out at the right moment and you have a fantastic marketing campaign in the making.
People absolutely love corporate cups like this and whether the office drinks coffee or tea, its a sure hit in any work place.
Company Branded Keramikos Flow Mugs have fantastic sturdy branding with a large print area, allowing excellent visual retention when needed.
Make a difference to your marketing campaign and considering the amazing ROI ratio, you really can't afford not to market your company in a method such as this.
It's simple excellence in advertising and why not hand out a batch of Company Branded Keramikos Flow Mugs and get your customers to associate their favourite drinks to your branding... and have your Company Branding on the tip of their tongues?
Flow Mug, 1 Colour Print
12 @ 11.48 each Was 14.30 each
24 @ 11.36 each Was 14.22 each
48 @ 11.29 each Was 14.03 each
For extra colour @ 0.12p
For a metallic finish as per image @ 75p each
Screens per Colour @ 30.00
Carriage and Vat extra cost.

Let Your Marketing Genius Flow with Company Branded Keramikos Flow Mugs

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