Do Promotional Calendars Work?

We Talk Business with Promotional Calendars

We Talk Business with Promotional Calendars

365 Days of Advertising

The potential is limitless here because there really aren't many other business gifts that provide a 12 month life-span when it comes to marketing tools. For 20 years we've seen these being used more and more as an advertising medium simply because online advertising has been severely overused and ass a result, we see printed calendars filling in this void. It's a great tool and when it is branded with your company's logo, can be very striking.
It's a bold statement and says a good impression of your company and what your company is about.

Hand out at Trade Shows and Events or Post It to Customers

Yup! Just post them straight to customers if it's easier, but the best method is to hand them out directly. Much more likely to be appreciated. We've seen these calendars used to mark ROTA shifts, staff birthdays and holidays and much more so a wall calendar in a workplace is a great marketing tool to get your name out and about and make a huge impression. You can choose from our hundreds of different wall calendars and we even have suitable desk calendars that should do the job in getting good exposure to your brand name.
We've been selling promotional calendars for nearly 20 years and in all this time, they're still the number one selling promotional business gift yet. It's a win-win, and they are rarely ever thrown away or discarded upon receiving.

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