Employee Name Badge

Employee Name Badge

Employee Name BadgeMake sure shop floor, customer service employees and business representatives promote your corporate brand name and logo with our unique Employee Name Badge.
Strong , versatile and sturdy with a chrome sleek finish, these branded ID badges are printed with a dome print, with a scratch and mark proof surface for a long lasting lifetime and exposure of your corporate name.
Smart and professional to expose your company logo, you can tailor your customised employee name badge with the wide options of print options, making sure you can have lines of text, an image or graphic to display a clear logo and a message that you wish to signify.
Hand out to staff and employees to promote and signify your corporate brand name and logo
The Personalised ID Badge is a chromed badge, quality built with a sturdy construction and scratch and scuff resistant for outstanding promotion value and quality.

Dimension: 75 19
Branding size: 72 17

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