Promotional Christmas Goodies

Promotional Christmas Advent Calendar

Promotional Christmas Advent CalendarWe're gearing up for Christmas here at Calendar Lady Promotions HQ and what better way to promote your brand for a full month than with a Promotional Advent Calendar!

These festive promotional items are a fun and exciting way to promote your brand this Christmas! With both a traditional and a desktop size to choose from, each calendar holds 24 belgian milk chocolates to countdown the days until Christmas!

Bring a bit of festive excitement into the corporate environment this year with a Promotional Advent Calendar. Stick in your customers' minds with this fun, tasty desktop treat!

Promotional Christmas Mince Pies

Promotional Christmas Mince PiesTake a bite into the excitement of Christmas advertising this year with our Promotional Mince Pies!

Wrapped in a cardboard box, each mince pie has it's own branding on the lid of the box which really catches eyes on a brightly coloured background.
Promotional Mince Pies are a super tasty and unique way of attracting customers to your brand this Christmas!

For more information or enquiries on our Promotional Christmas Mince Pies, fill in the form and we will get straight back to you.

Promotional Candy Canes

Promotional Candy CanesSpoil your customers this Christmas with a brightly coloured array of Promotional Candy Canes! Drop them into envelopes as a festive surprise or send them a jar as a corporate gift to say thanks for their business!

Choose from 20 yummy flavours and matching colours, including Spearmint, Sour Apple and Bubblegum! For orders over 600 units, you can even create your own bespoke flavour and colour combination!

Each Candy Cane is individually wrapped in a clear cellophane and branded with a full colour printed sticker label. We can transform your corporate colours into your corporate flavours!

Logo Branded Christmas Crackers

Logo Branded Christmas CrackersCrack your way into your customer's Christmas celebrations this year with Logo Branded Christmas Crackers!

The fun, promotional gifts are great decorative items, each filled with 4 foil wrapped, milk chocolate balls. The cardboard cracker is printed all over in 4 colours so that your corporate details really pop, whether they're decorating your Christmas tree and dinner table or they're a bit of fun around the office!

Don't miss out on a sweet, decorative promotional treat this Christmas!

Nets of Promotional Chocolate Coins

Nets of Promotional Chocolate CoinsGo traditional this festive season with our Nets of Promotional Chocolate Coins!

Each net of promotional treats comes with 5 generic currency gold coins. The net is fastened with a full colour printed label to give great brand exposure to an otherwise very traditional item.

For more information or enquiries on our Promotional Christmas Goodies, please don't hesitate to contact us by filling in the form - we will get straight back to you!

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