Promotional Calendar 2022

Promotional calendar 2022

Promotional calendar 2022

2022 Promotional Calendars

These fantastic calendars really can make the difference in advertising and it's a great tactic to use this 2022 to gain that extra profit.
We've been providing 2022 Promotional Calendars for 20 years now and they still stand on top for promotional gifts. So it's a winning formula when you consider its full-size advertising on a customers wall for 365 days of the year!

Trend of Company Advertising Calendars

It's definitely something to take note of when choosing a business gift for your customers. A ballpoint pen always does well in advertising but they can be overused and when this happens, they just aren't as effective as we've been made to believe in previous studies.
Sometimes, it takes a full size wall calendar to do that for the following reasons; they are used for staff rotas and marking staff birthdays!. So you see - likelyhood of them being used is quite high and at the same time, they have a great performance to price ratio so you don't have to go bankrupt with ordering a batch.
We got this winning formula right here and we know this works because in 20 years they're still our top selling product to this date.
Make a difference today and hand out some cracking 2022 Promotional Calendars

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