Branded Courier Bag

Branded Courier Bag

Branded Courier BagIdeal as the perfect business gift - this Branded courier bag does All!
Carry your laptop and laptop charger, your netbook, tablet PC, A4 documents, books leaflets, general literature and organised diary - this Branded Courier Bag does it all and whilst doing so much - it exposes your company brand name and makes a huge impact socially.
Stunning with a slick silver trim on a black nylon material 'sack', these are practically the 'swiss army knife' of carrying bags, this courier bag blends beautiful as an urban fashion icon and portrays your brand name logo with style and elegance.
No doubt it will be carried everywhere - customers and clients will make use of this and be most grateful of such a thoughtful business gift / company freebie.
Customise and personalise of your choosing, why not have one of these on the shoulder of your customers?

Branding: Screen
Dimensions: 300 460 150
Branding size: 100 250

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