Charity Collection Boxes

Charity Collection Boxes

Charity Collection BoxesCharity, fundraising and donation can be made alot easier with an effective promotional strategy with a genuine appeal with our Charity Collection Boxes.
You can expose your organisation brandname and logo to signify a message and get your point accross with maximum retention.
Brand name awareness can be important around a positive movement from within your organisation and can help people recognise to whom they are donating.
Customisable, totally personalised with either a security chain model or a standard, you can have a high quality print of your organisation on the circumference of the cyclinder shaped
collection box for an all-around exposure of the brandname logo.

We also provide alternative product designs including a wrap-around label and a security chain can be also available as an extra.
Make sure there is brand awareness, that you signify a message to be bold and clear. State your promotional and people will remember you.

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