Company Corkscrew

Company Corkscrew

Company CorkscrewDraw that cork out and crack open a bottle of bubbly with our Company Corkscrew.
You can't open your wine bottle without one, so in that case - why not personalise one - with your brand name and logo and send it to customers as a business gift as a goodwill gesture?
Christmas, Birthdays, or promotional - that company corkscrew keeps twisting with its 'steel worm' and strong weighted handle, giving joy to those for that tasty bottle of wine and that celebration ahead.
You can customise your Company Corkscrew with your company logo and have it engraved on the 'arc' of the handle for good visibility.
Atleast the next time your customer celebrates - they won't be short of that necessary kitchen utility and they won't be denied that bottle of wine!
Place a smile on your customers face and celebrate with a promotional gift!

Dimension: 20 x 90 x 90
Branding Area: 70 x 10

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