Corporate Gift Set

Corporate Gift Set

Corporate Gift SetThree products to expose your company name. Quality delivered on budget and delivered to you in a hurry, for quick hand outs to customers.
Our Corporate Gift Set will deliver where most promotional gift packs fail.
* A5 Deskmate provided for quick drafts and notes for immediate attention, self adhesive and mounted on a hardboard, branded with corporate logo.
* Ribbon Lanyard - Rotary printed with your company logo, useful clip on utility to carry most personal items such as Mobile phone, usb sticks, keys, cards and Identification.
* Customised Ball point pen - printed brandname on barrel of pen for good exposure. Documental quality ink for lastability and reliability.

Give your customers all the benefits of a good promotional gift pack, the perfect business gift solution for effective exposure of your brandname and company logo.
Suiting all needs - you can't fail with this Corporate Gift Set!!

* A5 Desk mate
* Ribbon Lanyard
* Curvy Ballpoint pen

Branding: Varied
Branding size: Varied

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