Custom Calendars

Custom calendar

Custom calendar

Customised Calendars with Company Class

Here at Calendar Lady Promotions we sell the best quality custom calendars around, these are great because they have your own special touch!

We think that it probably doesn't get much better than this for advertising excellence as you have the ability to advertise your business every single day of the year and there is nothing better than that in our eyes.

There are many benefits of having your own custom calendar, 90% of all recipients hang these amazing calendars on their walls which provides a huge conversion when it comes to giving your calendars away to your customers as gifts!
Secondly, the custom calendar has been customised to your brand name printing with your contact details so your customers can see your advertisement every day of the year. You will notice that after advertising in this method, your direct traffic on your website shoots up as you've provided a direct website address that customers can type into the address bar and see your company.

So come and order your custom calendars with Calendar Lady Promotions today!

Practically Printed Perfection for the whole year

It's a win-win product and they look stunning hanging on the wall.
We send this fantastic calendars up and down the country so wherever you are, we can get them to you, so you can send them to your customers with a touch of creativity!
If you want to save money and and advertise fast then why not try our ballpoint pens? But if you want the best for your business and have big and effectiveness advertisement then go for a bath of our fabulous custom calendars!

If you want more information about our Custom Calendars click the link and we will be in contact with you as soon as we can or call us today for a FREE QUOTE on 01989 565281.

Custom Calendars

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