Custom Shape Keyring with Logo

Custom Shape Keyring with Logo

Custom Shape Keyring with LogoPicture this - personalise and totally customise a keyring to promote your company brand name and logo - by any shape you want - be it a plane, a car, or even a spanner!!
With a range of bright colours, our Custom Shape Keyring with Logo is the ultimate in promoting gifts and freebies - send it to a customer with an invoice by post, send out that message you wish to convey and have your vision seen by many people.
It will outlast time itself and constantly gain retention from those who see the Custom Shape Keyring with Logo on its surface.
Clipable to a key or bunch of keys, it will stand out vivid and bright - this applicable keyring to your business, wether your a mechanic and you wish to have a 'car' shaped keyring, or an accountant and choose to customise this with a sterling pound sign shape - It can be done.
Why not have one of these great custom shaped keyrings with your customer at all times?

* Branding: Pad
* Branding size: Varied by shape

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