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Flexible Promotional Rulers

Flexible Promotional Rulers

Flexible Promotional RulersCustomers will absolutely love these Flexible Promotional Rulers as they are probably tired with rulers shattering and breaking all the time.
So behold! - An unbreakable, flexible, 30cm long ruler with a large print area for your company brandname and logo!! that'll withstand time and with its durability - will ensure total brand awareness with being a completely customisable flexible promotional ruler
Roll it, fold it - place it in a hand bag - its innovative brilliance as a promotional freebie or giveaway!.
Oh - and its translucent too - and available in most colours to ensure your customer retains your business logo also so pick up the dog and bone and call for a FREE QUOTE TODAY!

To find out more about our Flexible Promotional Rulers click here and fill in the contact form and we'll get straight back to you.

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