Hot Water Bottle for Company freebie

Hot Water Bottle for Company freebie

Hot Water Bottle for Company freebieThere's nothing quite like a hot water bottle in the winter months.
Why not give your customers a real treat with a lovely Hot Water Bottle for a Company Freebie.
This comforting customisable hot-water bottle has a capacity of approximately 550ml.
Durable and long lasting, you can rely on a friendly presentable promotional gift to advertise your brand name in the most effective way possible.
Supplied in a poly bag. We will print your logo onto the middle of the cover for good exposure of your business logo and name.
One colour print. Safe for adults and children.
* Moulded internally with a fixed neck.
* Suitable for latex allergy sufferers - safe.
* Resistant to hot water and can also be cooled.
* Complaint to BS safety standards BS 1970 - 2006.
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