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Justin Salmon

Justin Salmons Christmas No 1

Justin Salmons Christmas No 1Please click here and find out the Artistc side of Justin salmon with his brand new website - The Little Book of Justin Salmon.
The Sting

Some things you dream about all your life and never come close.
Then again sometimes you dream about something so much, that when it happens, you have no memory of it what so ever. It's lucky that I managed to save this paper that proves that I have in fact had a Christmas No 1.
Out of all my ambitions, this is probably top of my list/ Well, No 1 was top of my list. As it's a Christmas No 1 just makes it even more special.

Justin & Phil's Acoustic Sessions

Justin & Phil's Acoustic Sessions If you would like to read a write up from the Forest Of Dean Radio Website praising Justin & Phils Acoustic Sessions then please click this link:

There will be other features on the show apart from playing records and live music, including comedy in the format of "Forest News", and a Sunday papers review titled, "The crazy world we live in". All in all we hope to introduce a new thing every week to ensure that we keep the whole show fresh, and have managed to do so up until now.
You can e-mail Justin or Phil by clicking here say hello. To let them know your listening..........their email address is
If you're a singer/songwriter and you'd like to come on the show yourself then please e mail me at and I'll get back in touch with you with a date for you to come on...So please get in touch...
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Justin Salmon

Justin SalmonJustin Salmon is now a radio presenter..

Justin Salmon has undergone negotiations and is now presenting his own radio show on Forest of Dean Radio 1521 / 1503 MW starting on the 29 January and is now on show 14. The show "Justin & Phils Acoustic Sessions" is being co-hosted by life-long friend, owner and Director of Calendar Lady Promotions Phil Clarke.
The show goes out every Saturday evening at 6pm and you can either tune in or listen live via the web stream. If you click the link here for Forest of Dean Radio 1521 / 1503 MW and then click the listen live link, you can listen in over the Internet anywhere in the world. The age of modern technology is absolutely amazing isn't it?
We're now currently on show 21 and have a brilliant guest that I really urge you to listen to. He's an actor, currently playing the monsters in the new series of Dr Who, and has also worked on the last 2 series. He's been playing at a very popular open mic session and has been spotted by talent scouts and offered a record deal and currently recording his first album that we wish him the very best of luck with. Mr Sean Saye will be appearing on the show, live next Saturday the 17th February, so please tune in or listen over the internet for a real treat.
I have played the guitar myself for 16 years and have a back catalogue of about 70 songs that I have written myself. The original premise for the show was a Later with Jools Holland style show with live acoustic music. We have musicians on the show to perform and be interviewed, then we all play together for the finale.

Justin Salmon

Justin SalmonThe DeBuchias

Way back when Justin was 17 his favourite artist was a Mancunian singer/songwriter called Johnny Dangerously. He feels he owes his guitar skills to this artist because he inspired him beyond belief.
When Justin found out that Johnny Dangerously was in a band called the Debushias, and they were looking for a second guitarist, Justin attended an audition two weeks before his 19th birthday. He got in of course and had the time of his life. They recorded a 12 inch single in 1990, titled 'Introducing Jane', and toured around the country playing the festivals during the summer that England should have won the world cup.

Then artistic differences got the better of them all, and they finally split up. But not before meeting some amazing people and seeing alot of the country.

The singer, Johnny Dangerously, now John Harold Arnold Bramwell of the very successfull, 'I am Kloot'.
For more information on I am Kloot click on here. Johnny Dangerously now John Harold Arnold Bramwell of I am Kloot

Justin Salmon is The Batman

Justin Salmon is The BatmanJustin Salmon is The Batman!
Justin Salmon's Brothers wives 21 Birthday party and, for his nephew and Neice, Justin adons mask and cape and becomes The Batman!
After a few too many Stella Artois he stands up and sings Elvis as The Batman.
It really was a sight, but great singing Just! Live long and prosper...
Then later that night apprehends three escaped prisoners that were on the run from Carlisle! All three prisoners couldn't believe their eyes when justin leaped down from the rafters.
Monmouth is safe again thanks to The Batman.

Justin Salmon

Justin Salmon My name is Justin Salmon, and as well as my singinging/songwriting and releasing this 12" single with The deBuchias back in 1990, I am also web-site manager for Calendar Lady Promotions, where we specialize in personalised business gifts
I run the website for this Calendar and corprate gift company. I have had alot of new ventures during the summer which included live radio dates.
As well as persuing my music career I've been running this website for the past 2 years.
This consists of designing and populating the product pages and ensuring that we get the highest search engine rankings.
At the moment I'm managing to achieve my goal and have filled the number one spot with about half of the items I've put on, on Google, Msn and Yahoo and the rest are in the top 10. I've been called truly a Web Master genius by the company I work for.
It's always nice to recieve a pat on the back isn't it?

But this isn't all I do, back in the day I used to rock, but I'm a little older now, and hopefully wiser so I've given up the dream of becoming immediately famous and settled into a secure job.

This is the guitar Justin's using at the moment. It's a Fender...

This is the guitar Justin's using at the moment. It's a Fender...After years of trying to reach the independant record industry with his songs and rhymes, Justin has decided to completely go out on a limb and record the whole album in his living room on his digital 64 track.
It does mean, unfortunately, that many a late night was spent in the company of friends and musicians with a large glass of wine in hand and guitar in tow!

A year ago Justin took some time out of his life to volunteer at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre called the pilot project. The way it worked was like this: The centre was set up to keep kids of the street, and into something where they were able to express themselves, either through Music, art, computers, and cookery. Justin volunteered and ran a class called songwriting studies.
The class was open to anyone of any age, all he asked for was a class willing to listen. He would run through famous songs by the Beatles and Oasis trying to explain how the original songwriters were thinking when the songs were constructed originally. Once the songs are broken down you can get a real feel for songwriting yourself. So he would try and show the class which chords married up well and what chords to avoid. Plus he taught intermediate guitar.
While he was there the body that was the pilot project wanted to record a compact disc containing some of the more talented students that were there at the time. Justin was offered a challenge to write and record a song especially for the compact disc, to get things up and running so to speak. So he wrote and recorded a song called, 'Baby Jane'. He played bass and one of the lads that played drums offered his sticks and they recorded it in an afternoon. Some of the other students did some MC'ing, another did some classical picking. There was an Irish girl there at the time with an amazing voice, who just played the accoustic and sang the house down.

Goodbye & thanks for reading...

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