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Logo Branded Chocolate Advent Calendar

Logo Branded Chocolate Advent Calendar

Logo Branded Chocolate Advent CalendarHo Ho Ho!! We need to get your company logo out there this christmas and gain some attention from customers and clients!!
The plan? ..Well you need a Logo Branded Chocolate Advent Calendar with tasty chocolate treats to mark the daily countdown to Christmas Day!!
Perfect on a budget - you needn't worry about breaking the budget this year.
Customers will absolutely adore these Logo Branded Chocolate Advent Calendars and as a good-will gesture why not hand these out to potential customers and clients to make sure you spread around some reciprocation and good-will about?
Fun Facts
The word calendar derives from the latin word 'Kalendae' - meaning the first day every month.
Paper or electronic, calendars have taken the place of traditionally organising events and planning, but sequentially placing 'dates' rather than 'days' and allowing a day, week, month and full year overview of the selected dates you desire to view.
Many civilisations used calendars to their own uses, and have them suited specifically - that are usually in sync with our moon, and our sun (sol)
This is the ideal calendal focusing on the December month - with 24 dates available to offer a daily treat.

With our promotional calendar we can provide a quality 13 leaf print, 135x150 custom and personalised business calendar for your needs - totally perfect to hand out as business conferences, meetings and trade fairs as a freebie or company gift.
Customise and personalise your company logo for this December Christmas Chocolate Calender.
24 Dates - each one filled with a luxurious milk chocolate block (Redbows™ promotional chocolate).
Print the Company brand name and Logo of your company in 1-4 CMYK imprint.
Make a difference this christmas.

* Branding: Cmyk 1-4 imprint

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