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Logo Branded Hand Sanitisers

Promotional Sani-Stick Spray

Promotional Sani-Stick SprayA small yet effective way of staying squeaky clean whilst promoting your brand, the Promotional Sant-Stick Spray is a great branded item that will give top brand exposure for your company.

The waterless 15ml Promotional Item is great to carry round in handbags or even pockets with it's handy little clip for safe keeping. The printed label on the front of the product lends itself to a high level of exposure whilst on the go, a great promotional gesture.

Promotional Credit Card Sanitiser

Promotional Credit Card SanitiserKeeping squeaky clean on the go has never been easier with the Promotional Credit Card Hand Sanitiser.

Protect yourself from germs with this handy pocket sized Promotional Item. The credit card style holds 20ml of waterless hand sanitiser and the front facing printed label gives your brand plenty of great exposure.

Promotional Hand Gel

Promotional Hand GelKeeping your hands clean is part of everyday life, but being super busy promoting your business can leave you needing a quick fix cleaning solution. Our Promotional Hand Gel does just the job with the logo branding for all to see.

The Promotional Waterless Item is available in 50ml, 150ml, 250ml or 500ml bottles and is fitted with a pump to save making a mess too. The solution can be in either clear or purple and comes branded with your corporate details on a wrap around label.

Promotional Foam Sanitiser

Promotional Foam SanitiserHaving clean hands is great for meeting customers with, no sticky handshakes for starters! With the Promotional Foam Santiser, you'll always have fresh hands!

This Promotional Item comes in a 50ml plastic tube with a pump for easy use. The sanitising solution is aclohol-free and creates a foam as opposed to a liquid solution. Both the bottle and the sanitiser come clear in colour with a logo branded label across the front for great brand exposure.

Looking for a range of promotional cosmetic products suitable to brand with your corporate logo? See our range of Promotional Cosmetics.

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