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Logo Branded Reusable Plactic Cups

Logo Branded Reusable Plactic Cups

Logo Branded Reusable Plactic CupsThese Logo Branded Reusable Plastic Cups are a amazing way to promote your company/business. These are amazing as they are virtually unbreakable, come in a range of sizes, looks like ordinary Glass, delivers in 10 days and cannot be used as a weapon.

This is our range:
BEER MUG - 1.0 litre or 0.5 litre
CHALICE - 520ml or 320ml
TALL TULIP - 568ml
TULIP - 625ml or 568ml or 284ml
CONICAL - 568ml or 426ml or 284ml
NONIC - 568ml or 284ml
TUMBLER - 213ml
HIBALL - 568ml or 341ml or 284ml or 227ml or 170ml
CHUNKY - 213ml
ROCKS - 227ml
SHOT - 50ml or 25ml
PRISM TUMBLER - 568ml or 454ml or 398ml or 340ml or 284ml
REMEDY - 568ml or 454ml or 389ml or 340ml or 284ml
REMEDY ROCKS - 312ml or 256ml or 199ml
STACK CUPS - 568ml or 284ml or 256ml
WINE - 398ml or 312mll or 255ml
FLUTE - 187ml
COCKTAIL - 199ml
GOBLET - 369ml
COFFEE CUP - 237ml
LATTE CUP - 237ml

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