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Logo bugs

Logo bugs

Logo bugsWe have a massive collection of different style Logo bugs here at Calendar Lady Promotions.
These include Standard bugs, builder bugs, hedegehog bugs, Placard bugs and mophead bugs to name but a few.
All with sticky feet and a printable ribbon ready to carry your message, company details and logo.
So get your self advertised on our Logo bugs today!
Available in many different colours.
Dimensions: 130 x 50mm.

Personalised Logo Bugs

Personalised Logo BugsPeople call them Logo Branded Bugs, Advertsing Bugs, Promotional Bugs, Personalised Bugs or Stick Bugs with Company message, but whatever you call them we all love a little friend sat on out computer. You see the cheeky fluffy Bugs everywhere displaying a business message every day.

Other promotional and personalised items besides our Logo bugs click here.

To find out more about our Logo bugs click here and fill in the contact form and we'll get straight back to you.

Promotional merchandise (p90)

Logo Branded Umbrellas Logo lollipops

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