paper weight business gift

Paper Weight Business Gift

Paper Weight Business GiftOur Customised Paper Weight Business Gift is a beautiful method of promoting your corporation.
Unique design and cut, this 8CM Crystal magnifying paperweight captures light beautiful and can elegantly magnify maps and book text, letter text font and images with crystal clear precision.
Paper weights were originally produced in france in 1845 and became very popular in the 1950's as works of art.
Made from glass and mostly limited in designs, paper weights are usually built by factories and sole artisans.

Personalised with your company logo and brand name, the engraved finish of your branding will look simply stunning, with a 'gentry' style about it.
Why not hand these wonderful Paper Weight Business Gift to valued high profile customers to ensure loyalty and generousity for good business.

Product size: 60 x 80
Branding size: 40 x 50

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