Personalised 16GB Usb Flash Drive

Personalised 16GB Usb Flash Drive

 Personalised 16GB Usb Flash DriveQ: Remember Floppy Disks?
A: Yes. Thank goodness we did away with floppy disks!!!
We actually specialise with USB flash drives - they are absolutely brilliant electronic devices.
Customisable with a company logo, or brand name, our Personalised 16GB Usb Flash Drive is a personal promoting commercial usage item, ideal to give out to customers and even post them along with your invoice.
You can literally personalise it and give these out as unique promotional company gifts or freebies.
Fun Facts;
Usb flash drives actually have no moving parts unlike cd-roms and floppy drives, and being lighter, faster, more reliable and a larger storage capacity - quickly taken place as a main storage device back in 2005 and have become quickly a recognised standard.
Supported by virtually every operating system such ass windows, mac, linux, even game consoles such as XBOX 360 and playstation 3. Its even recognised with some dvd players and new smart phones - the USB flash drive is getting bigger and bigger to the point where in 2011 a 256 Gigabyte Kingston USB drive was released!!

We can provide a 512mb to 16 Gigabyte (Roughly 16,000 megabyte - plenty of storage!!) with a quality chipset to ensure safe data transfer and storage, personalised with your corporate logo and integrated with a keyring loop to ensure you don't lose it!!

Full colour doming allows for total personalisation.

Branding: Domed
Branding Sizes: 40 16mm

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