Printable USB Memory Lanyards

Printable USB Memory Lanyards

Printable USB Memory LanyardsHow about corporate branded rotary Printable USB Memory Lanyards to maximise publicity and company brand name exposure?
Its totally customisable, with both usage of the usb flash module with USB 2.0 port, and lanyard strengthened clip for various clip-on functions including mobile phones and Identification ID cards.

  1. Push it into your computer's usb port and copy those files over for safe keeping.
  2. Clip it to your lanyard
  3. Use when needed.

Personalise your choice of colours with a wide range of Pantone™ colours for a rich tone, and have your corporate brand name rotaty printed on the lanyard itself for maximum visibility.
You cannot fail with these!!

Choose you preferred memory size up to a huge 32gigabyte!

Branding: 15 x 15mm

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