Printed Promotional Ice Scraper

Printed Promotional Ice Scraper

Printed Promotional Ice ScraperFrost Be Gone! Our Printed Promotional Ice Scraper is the most suitable business gift to send to acustomer in their time of need in the morning.
You wake up and get to your car only to find an icicle obstacle on your windscreen!
You search your glove compartment and you can't find that blasted ice scraper, so you walk back inside the house and use a credit card out of sheer desperation to get a clear window.
Customers need a Printed Promotional Ice Scraper!
Whatever the vehicle, whether you are in haulage, or you drive a car, 4x4, truck, police car ambulance or fire engine - Ice and frost is a nuisance for driving.
The Printed Promotional Ice Scraper has both the scraper edge and a squeegee edge to remove excess water with melting ice due to warming ambient temperatures, combine this with its firm but flexible plastic design it can mold to the curvature of the windscreen to provide a fitting cut to the ice.
The small keyring hole makes this harder to lose, and easier to remember in the morning!

Don't forget, you can brandname this Printed Promotional Ice Scraper and customise it so its tailored to your customers use.
Your brand name and logo will look flash and melt the ice!

* Screen Print
* Screen print brandingsize: 43 x 67

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