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The Flash Drive Overview

The Flash Drive OverviewFirstly, they absolutely blow away most other promotional gifts. Fact.
Small, versatile with a massive practicality, they are a wonderful mark of technological progression that thankfully superseded old methods of temporary and portable storage such as the floppy, zip and CD-R drives..

Personalised with your company branding, and why this can be so affective as a marketing tool

Personalised with your company branding, and why this can be so affective as a marketing toolSince these will be used every single day, USB Flash Drives have a familiar promotional advertising power to that of calendars - think about it.. 365 days of your adverts on somebody's wall!
If these calendars happen to be sat on a customer's desk - it's an all-year round marketing tool to stand out from the crowd.
Memory sticks use this principle too,.. and even school children use USB flash memory drives each day at school - as they store their homework documents on.

USB Flash Customisation

Bespoke shapes, custom designs, print and sizes from 2, 4, 8 and 16 gigabyte memoryy is available and soon we'll have 32 and 64 gigabyte storage options for you to choose from!
Hand out along with your invoice to improve customer loyalty

 Our rating is clear here, Promotional Flash Drives really can help you stand out from the crowd. Your own silent little salesman, used daily and storing valuable documents - sure to be kept safe.

Promotional USB Flash Drive Supplier - Calendar Lady Ltd

Don't let the possibilities of gaining more leads slip away from you - here's your chance to gain people's attention and order some brand-boosting USB Flash Drives for your company or organisation.
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