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Promotional A5 Wedge Mate 150 Sheets

Promotional A5 Wedge Mate 150 Sheets

Promotional A5 Wedge Mate 150 SheetsHand out a quantity of these Promotional A5 Wedge Mate 150 Sheets as company freebies or giveaways and get immediate results from customers.
Write a note or memo, and elegantly pull of the company branded note and pass it to a customer - Total Exposure!!!
This is a solution in which you simply cannot lose!
Expose your company logo and brand name - but with elegance and beautiful print quality!!
These notes once written, tend to sit on a customers desk for a long time, then get filed away!
So Its long term promotion with this product.
With a paper weight of 100gsm you can ensure a good healthy density to the paper.
Paper Density is important as it usually refers to the amount of light to pass through,
so a standard A4 sheet of paper which has roughly 80gsm will let some through, but 100gsm will reflect more light back and allow a better contrast on the print.

The better the visibility the more the retention.

The grammage of the paper feels of quality and distinction, which allows a positive attribute with this promotional brand name
*Wedge fronted notepad.
*150 sheets - white 100gsm paper.
*Glued to a backboard.

Branding methods: Litho
Branding dimensions: 148 × 210

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