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Promotional Festival Items

Promotional Festival Items

Promotional Festival Items Why not brighten up any festival advent with our amazing promotional festival items here at Calendar Lady Promotions.

Promotional festival items are an amazing way to get your brand out there and known because festivals happen worldwide and are very popular for people to attend.

Travel Pal

Travel Pal The Travel Pal is a great useful way to promote your company. it is a hairbrush/mirror/sewing kit built into one small item that is round.
It is light weight and portable, this is a amazing promotional product for festivals because hairbrushes and a mirror are always needed in certain situations.


Enamelware Clish here to veiw our Customized Enamelware Range.

Enamelware would be amazing for festivals because it is hard wearing and portable so would be great to eat on. your branding for this item can be places anywhere on the surface area of the Enamelware.

Tooth Brush Kit

Tooth Brush Kit This Tooth Brush Kit is an amazing promotional way to get your brand known, festivals always need something small and portable when carrying around your products well this is just it! It initials a mini tooth brush and a mini toothpaste in a small portable care the lid of the case is where you can have your branding on also.

Big message bottle opener

Big message bottle opener This Promotional bottle opener is a Quirky way to promote your business, this has an amazing big print area for your branding also bottle openers are commonly used at festivals to open drinks so your logo will stick into peoples heads. And it is most certainly a summer must!

820ml Collapsible Bottle

820ml Collapsible Bottle This 820ml Collapsible Bottle is an amazing promotional gift for festival events because it is portable and has a clip on the top left hand corner so it is easy to clip onto things when moving about.
This product also comes in a range of colours and has a push/pull lid. This product can have your branding on either the back or the front of it.

Cool Bags

Cool Bags Cool bags are a fantastic way to get your brand out and know at festivals these bags get used to store drinks so why not have your logo places right in front of peoples eyes.
the print area for this product is 140mmW x 80mmH on the flap of the cool bag.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit A first aid kit is almost always needed at a festival so why not make your brand a little less painful to remember with this amazing promotional first aid kit here at calendar lady!

This first aid kit includes all your first aid needs for example bandages a pill container fasteners and much more.
This product has a nice big branding area for your logo to go onto so it wont be missed.

Promotional Stadium Cup

Promotional Stadium Cup This Promotional Stadium Cup is an amazing way to promote your company/business because at festivals cups are always needed and this certain one is outstanding in quality!
It is avaible in a massive range of translucent colours which are: Aqua, Dark Blue, Fuchsia, Lime, Orange, Purple, Red, White and the staw would be clear.
This stylish cup also has a very large branding area for your design so it wont be missed.The product w=in also made in the uk and the minimum order is only 120.
The Promotional Stadium Cup has a screw lid on it and is avaible with either a soild plastic straw or a flexable straw, it has a very hard wearing deisgn that makes it virtually indestructable and is also resuasable as many times as you want.
The capacity of this product is 350ml.

Print Methods: Screen
Product Dimensions(mm): 95dia. x 140
Branding Dimensions(mm):228x73

Logo Branded Amenity Bag

Logo Branded Amenity BagThis Logo Branded Amenity Bag is a great item to hold your belongings in at festivals or events. This bag can be used to hold most items for example make up, wash products and many more things.
Print Methods : Screen
Colours : Black, natural & grey, natural & lime, natural & navy, natural & pink, natural & red
Product Dimensions (mm) : 255 x 150 x 98
Branding Dimensions (mm) : 57 x 20 (to label area)
The minimum order for this product is 250

Logo Branded TravelPro USB

Logo Branded TravelPro USBThis amazing charger offers a unique charging method for your devices.The BrandCharger TravelPro USB is a powerful 2-pole adaptor and USB charger that's designed to work in over 150 countries. This item would be perfect if you are working in the travel industry or festival advents.
It will work with all USB charging cables and all USB compatible devices.
Plus, it has a large doming area for your full colour logo, which is illuminated with a LED backlight when in use.
Print Methods : Domed (full colour process)
Colours : White
Product Dimensions (mm) : 45 x 60 x 72
Branding Dimensions (mm) : 30 dia.

Promotional Metal Bottle Opener Keyring

Promotional Metal Bottle Opener Keyring This Promotional Metal Bottle Opener Keyring is an amazing bit of branding for festivals as it is simplistic yet so effective with a elegant metal finish on it where your branding can be placed on the flat edge of the product. it is light weight and can be clipped to your keys etc.

Print Methods : Engraved

Colours : Black, blue, orange, red, silver, yellow

Product Dimensions (mm) : 55 x 10

Branding Dimensions (mm) : 25 x 6
The minimum order quantity for this product is 500.
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