Promotional Post It

Promotional Post It

Promotional Post ItDid you know the post it note was the result of a failed experiment to make the worlds strongest adhesive?
And the colour yellow was simply used for coincidence - as the laboratory next door used scrap yellow paper!
Dr.Spencer Silver came up with the idea of a low tack reusable glue, but it wasn't until a colleague of his, Art Fry - conceived the idea to stick a book mark to his 'hymnbook' - was the idea of the post-it note truly born.
Our Promotional Post It are manufactured by Sticky-Mate®, and are the perfect business gift for the customer and client alike.
Wirte a note, and stick it to the side of your computer monitor to gain retention, or stick notes to documents for ammending, you name it - you can do all sorts with these and all the while, your customised logo and brandname are exposing your corporation too!!
Why not have these Promotional Post It on your customers desks?
We also do a biodegradable recycled version at extra cost

* 50 sheets of 80gsm paper
* Sticky-Mate® Notes

Branding: Litho print
Branding size: 119 × 69

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