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Promotional Power Banks

Promotional Power Banks and Logo Branded Power Sticks

Promotional Power Banks and Logo Branded Power SticksWe are a UK supplier of Promotional Power Banks. This are a great product that is used to charge a mobile phone or tablet device. Only the size of a lip stick or credit card, but with a USB socket and small lead, can re-charge your device in minutes.

These are a great Business Gift as they can be logo branded in full colour and are a product that your customer WILL keep and use.

With Airport security now requiring you to boot up your iPhone or iPad device before you can board the plane (to prove that it really is, what it looks like), these Promotional Power Banks are a product that will be common place a year from now. I predict that soon everyone will carry a Power Bank in their coat pocket or hand bag.

 We've got a wide range of shapes and sizes available, including:

Promotional Slimline Power Banks
Logo Branded Luxor Power Bank
Logo Branded Rubik's Power Bank
Promotional Energy Brick
Logo Branded Turbo Tube Powerstick

If your Company would like to enquire about the new
Promotional Power Banks just complete our contact form and we'll get back to you with prices.

Read even more about Promotional Power Banks here.

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