Promotional Powersticks Logo Branded Power Sticks

Logo Branded Promotional Powersticks

Logo Branded Promotional PowersticksWe are a supplier of Promotional Powersticks that can be branded with a company logo in up to 4 colours.

Our Aluminium USB Power sticks are a handy charging device mainly used for charging your phone and also available with a transparent plastic finish.

Aluminium Personalised USB Power Sticks

Aluminium Personalised USB Power SticksIn todays world, when mobile phones are a multi function device. With applications 'APPS' that perform many functions, from Sat-Nav to a mega pixel camera. The battery doesn't last as long as it used to. So these Powersticks are becoming really popular and a great corporate gift to give to your customers.

They can be personalised with your company logo and contact details, leaving your customer with a handy, modern gadget and also a constant reminder of you !

Powerbank USB Mobile Charger

Powerbank USB Mobile Charger These USB Power sticks are available in a variety of colours and custom printed with your company logo. They can be charged themselves from the electric socket or from your PC. Giving you a handy charger for Mobile phone, I-Pad, Tablet, I-phone or other Smart phone. Carry easily in your car, hand bag or pocket and only the size of a USB flashdrive or lipstick.

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