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Promotional Travel Items

Portable Speakers

Portable Speakers Portable speakers are very much the 'in' thing at moment why not let your brand be heard with our logo branded portable speakers. Here at Calendar Lady we have a range of different sizes and shapes to our speakers


Torch A logo branded torch what more could your travels need!
This promotional product is ideal when out and about as a back up or knowing there will be no light.
This logo branded torch comes in a small compact box with two extra battery's included1 your branding for this product would be on the outer casing of the box or wrapped around the torch.

Head phones

Head phones Want to block out the kids saying "are we there yet" why not give our promotional Head Phones a try.
This Promotional product is great for all job rolls and all ages because headphones can be used at any point in any profession if needed. The logo branded headphones here at calendar lady come in a range of colours and a big branding area for your logo to go onto.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit This promotional first aid kit comes in either medium or large and contains, Bandages, Fasteners, Ear Swabs, Rolls of Cotton, Scissors and a compartment for pills. This product is ideal when Traveling around as you never know what troubles you h=may have to face.
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Logo Branded TravelPro USB

Logo Branded TravelPro USBThis amazing charger offers a unique charging method for your devices.The BrandCharger TravelPro USB is a powerful 2-pole adaptor and USB charger that's designed to work in over 150 countries. This item would be perfect if you are working in the travel industry or festival advents.
It will work with all USB charging cables and all USB compatible devices.
Plus, it has a large doming area for your full colour logo, which is illuminated with a LED backlight when in use.
Print Methods : Domed (full colour process)
Colours : White
Product Dimensions (mm) : 45 x 60 x 72
Branding Dimensions (mm) : 30 dia.

Logo Branded Trumpet

This handy gadget is designed to amplify sound from selected smart phone models /(iPhone 4 4s 5)
The high quality silicone material is washable, dirt and scratch-resistant.
We have four standard colours available, or we could pantone match the trumpet to complement your brand, for a minimum of 2,000 pieces (12 week lead time).

Print Methods : Pad

Colours : Blue, Red

Product Dimensions (mm) : 106 x 50 x 47

Branding Dimensions (mm) : 50 x 4.5 (under button), 13 x 16 (either side)

Promotional Fusion Rucksack

Promotional Fusion RucksackThis Promotional Fusion Rucksack is a great piece of travel branding material, a bag is almost always needed when traveling around so why not sell / give one to your customers with your logo on? this way they will never forget you.
This Rucksack also includes a side pocket that can be used as a drinks holder if wanted.
It also has a elegant swipe of colour across the front of the rucksack.

Print Methods : Screen, transfer, embroidered

Colours : Blue, red, silver

Product Dimensions (mm) : 305 x 435 x 135

Branding Dimensions (mm) : 100 x 140 (screen)
The minimum order quantity for this item is only 50 so why not grab a bargain today whilst benefitting your company and customers. This item would be perfect for travel outlets or camp sites.

Logo Branded Titan Torch Keyring

Logo Branded Titan Torch Keyring Why not lighten up your customers travels with this amazing Logo Branded Titan Torch Keyring.
This keyring is ideal when traveling out and about because you wont have to carry a big torch around with you instead you would be using this light weight keyring around with you so you can attached it too your keys.
The top section of the torch lifts up to reveal the LED bulb inside the clear plastic casing.
The torch is supplied with button cell batteries included.
Print Methods : Engraved
Colours : Black, silver
Product Dimensions (mm) : 125 x 17
Branding Dimensions (mm) : 30 x 15

Logo Branded Lip Balm

Logo Branded Lip Balm Logo Branded Lip Balm is a great promotional item for your business to have because it is a product that is always handy to have on you when out and about especially in the winter period. Lip balm is very commonly used day to day so would be a product for people to buy or for you to give away too them as it is so well used.
The branding for this item would be placed on the lid of the product so your name wont be missed!

Logo Branded Hand Cleanser

Logo Branded Hand Cleanser Hand Cleanser is a great way to promote your business as when traveling around especially camping sometimes you aren't to close to a tap so hand cleanser is a great way to get rid of germy hands!
The tube contains 10ml of sanitising liquid in a simline pen-style bottle with a clipped lid.
Print Methods : Screen, digital
Colours : Trans blue, trans green, trans red
Product Dimensions (mm) : 20 dia. x 140
Branding Dimensions (mm) : 60 x 30 (screen), 88 x 7 (digital)
The branding for this product would be located on the surface area and can be wrapped all around the product.
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