Size 5 Promotional Rugby Balls

PVC Covered Promotional Rugby Ball

PVC Covered Promotional Rugby BallThe full sized Promotional Rugby Ball is perfect for mass promotion of rugby clubs and sporting events, with a great print area for your corporate logo.

This promotional item is available in Gloss, Satin or Foamy PVC, all of which are cross laminated for perfect shape retention with a large print area on all 4 panels. This allows for up to 10 spot colour logo printing which is perfect for brand exposure.

PVC covered Rugby Balls are perfect for events involving children, they're easy to wipe clean after a day playing and colours stay bright no matter how often they get played with - a real bonus when you're trying to keep your business in people's minds.

Logo Branded Match Ready Rugby Ball

Logo Branded Match Ready Rugby BallThe Logo Branded Match Ready balls are made to the specifications following the IRB requirements.

Perfect for professional rugby, rugby clubs and premium promotion, this promotional item is one not to be missed. Made up of 4 panels, the print area is large and your logo or message can be printed on in up to 10 spot colours, bright and colourful for great exposure.

Top grade or Eco quality pimpled grain rubber means that you'll make every conversion, so you can't blame the ball if you lose!

Promotional Rubber Rugby Ball

Promotional Rubber Rugby BallThe rubber promotional Rugby Balls aren't made to match any specifications but are made using top grade rubber.

Ideal for Rugby Club use or premium promotion, this branded rubber rugby ball is constructed from 4 panels of Top grade or Eco quality pimpled grain rubber and printed in up to 10 spot colours - don't let it slip through your hands!

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