Snow Globe for Business Gift

Snow Globe for Business Gift

Snow Globe for Business GiftWinter gifts are a great method of promoting for the new year ahead, so why not do it in style?
Here at Calendar Lady - we have something with your brand name and logo on it - the Snow Globe for Business Gift.
Shake it and watch as the snow beautiful falls in-front of your company logo on the 2 Dimensional print insert.
Perfect as a paper weight or just a desktop item, it promotes a lovely presentation and friendly good-will gesture that's sure to be noticed and played with by customers and clients alike.
Make an advertising difference this winter with a wonderful Promoting snow globe and you won't be disappointed.
A little bit of effort goes a long way - and who doesn't like snow?

It's a favourite in the office, Shake it and it snows - But it also can be used as a classy paper weight.
Why not have a company picture insert inside?
* 4 colour logo insert.

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