Personalised Sweets and personalised Confectionery with printed company logo

Personalised Logo Sweets and Confectionery

Personalised Logo Sweets and ConfectioneryHere at Calendar Lady Promotions we can sell you various promotional items and our Corporate Sweets and Confectionery department comes highly recommended as they are a great promotional gift!

From Mint Cards and Chocolates, to Sweets with logo on them or the wapper to Lollipops.

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Personalised sweets are an indulgence that we all like to take part in and with these products having your business details and company logo printed on can be given out to your customers while still advertising your company and here at Calendar Lady Promotions we think this is one of the best ways to advertise your company!

Our Sweets and Confectionery department stocks all kinds of different products, here is a list of some of the products that are currently available.

Calendar Lady Promotions for all your Easter and Christmas promotional chocolate needs:

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Sweets and Confectionery

Sweets and ConfectioneryCustomised sweets
Logo sweets
Personalised sweet jars
Promotional sweets
Personalised chocolate bars
Personalised confectionary

Sweets and Confectionery

Sweets and ConfectionerySo what exactly do we do here at our Sweets and confectionery department?
Something for your companies golfing day? How about a miniature of whiskey with little chocolate golf balls?
Valentines day is just made for Sweets and Confectionery, what about some heart shaped lollipops? Lots and lots of colours available, please ring for more details?
Do you want a gummy version of a space alien in purple with a puce coloured wrapper?
Gob stoppers in pyramid shaped cartons.
Your own labled mineral water!

All of these amazing sweets come with your business details and logo printed on them however you would like, either printed on the wrapper of the sweet or engraved on the sweet itself or ever chocolate! This is just the best way to advertise your business, you really cant beat it!

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Sweets and Confectionery

Sweets and Confectionery View the full rage of Sweets and Confectionery here.

For a wide range of Sweets and Confectionery trust Calendar Lady Promotions to deliver again!

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To find out more about our Sweets and Confectionery click here and fill in the contact form and we'll get straight back to you or call us for a FREE QUOTE TODAY 01989 565281!

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Personalised Sweets Personalised sweets in tin

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