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Upton Bishop Big Dipper Race

Upton Bishop Big Dipper Race2009 was a great success in its forth year and in a time of 33mins 31secs the winner Tim Clarke was just over 1 minute clear of nearest rival Robin Smoult with Clifford Berry breathing down his neck in 3rd. The course record is still intact and is still held by Phillip Matthews at 31mins 18secs.

Much better weather this year meant a good day for all. But the weather is not the main challenge, its the course.
Anyone who completed the course will know what I mean
*** HILLS and more HILLS !! ***

It was a well organised 5.6 mile hilly run through the Herefordshire countryside, but its not called "Upton Bishop Big Dipper Race" for nothing.
90% of the course is either up hill or down. With the mile between 4 and 5 being 1 final steep hill, to finish you off. Walking was the best option for most people at this point...

76 brave individuals finished The Upton Bishop Big Dipper Race in its 2009 and if you complete it, you deserve your Tee-Shirts and cup of Tea!

A big thank you to the organisers, marshalls, timekeepers and the tea ladies at the finish.

For more information on the Upton Bishop Big Dipper Race 2022 click here.

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