Van Shaped Mint Cards

Logo Branded Van Shaped Mint Cards

Logo Branded Van Shaped Mint CardsThese Van Shaped Mint Cards are a great business incentive that are perfect for putting your logo and contact details on. The van shape means that it is very good for businesses such as couriers, van rentals and any company that involves vans! There is approximately 50 breath freshening mints in the Mint Card and you can have the Mint Card branded making it not only a good complimentry gift but a great way to stay advertised as well. They are great to give to customers and advertise because they are handy, easy to carry and also are a little gift and a thank you to the customer.

If you wish for price, samples or more details on the Van Shaped Mint Cards simply click on the link to contact us.

Other Corporate Logo Branded Mint Card Giveaways

Other Corporate Logo Branded Mint Card GiveawaysNot only does Calendar Lady Promotions sell Van Shaped Mint Cards but they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes that also can have your logo and contact details. The different shapes available are Phone Shaped Mint Cards, House Shaped Mint Cards, Circle Shaped Mint Cards, Ribbon Shaped Mint Cardsand Car Shaped Mint Cards.
It is important to stay advertised and this is a great way of doing so!

For more Mint Cards view our Corporate Mint Cards by clicking on the link.

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