Various shaped keyring

Various shaped keyrings

Various shaped keyringsWe have 1000's of different ways for you to help to keep your business advertised here at Calendar Lady Promotions and just one is to have your business details and company logo printed onto one of our Various shaped keyring. Then give them away as a promotional item to your staff and customers. Then every time they get out their keys, they will be displaying and advertiseing your business details and your company logo for maximum advertising effect.
So advertise your business upon our Various shaped keyring today!

Various shaped keyrings

Various shaped keyringsPersonalised Phone shaped key fob

Personalised Van shaped Key fob

Football shirt shaped Keyring with logo

Spirit level keyring with logo

Zoom keyring with logo

Warbler keyring with logo

Note checker keyring with logo

Club keyring with logo

Various shaped keyrings

Various shaped keyringsHouse shaped Key fob with logo

Promotional Phone shaped Keyring

Promotional mini torch

Floodlight keyring with logo

Hi Tech keyring with logo

Garda belt keyring with logo

Denver keyring with logo

Fin keyring with logo

Horseshoe trolley keyring with logo

Various shaped keyrings

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Other promotional and personalised items besides our Various shaped keyrings click here.

Van shaped Keyring with logo Venus Keyring with Logo

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