Winter Driving Set with Logo

Winter Driving Set with Logo

Winter Driving Set with LogoPromoting safe driving as well as promoting your company brand name is possible this winter - why not give it a try and provide a useful set such as our new Winter Driving Set with Logo.
Three contents at your disposal:
* 150ml de-icer spray
* Chamois leather - a very smooth and absorbent cloth to clean and polish without streaks
* 1 square branded icescraper - all in a reusable automotive zip top bag.
The most ideal frost and winter business gift.
Expose your company this winter as the most perfect business gift or company freebie.

Its a good idea to order these quickly and hand them out at business conventions and trade fairs - promote safe driving and ensure exposure of your company in the most effective way possible.
Tools like these are used often and frost will be an issue this christmas and during this winter.

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